Tama Art University

Faculty of Art and Design

Purposes and Educational Goals

Aiming to shape personality and broad-ranged general knowledge complying with the international community, the Faculty of Art and Design places emphasis on extensive and sophisticated educational and research contents, with the goal of training excellent artists and designers that contribute to contemporary society, as well as educators and researchers.

In accordance with the general character of an art university, we do attach importance to the acquisition and training of specialized skills corresponding with the future social reality, however art is not something to be accomplished with simple occupational ability disconnected from human qualities and scientific principles. In addition to considerate coaching, there are two central characteristics that define our education philosophy.

The first is a valuation of scientific principles – a tradition that dates back to the establishment of our university. We make efforts to implement professional education centering around scientific principles in both specialized training and general education/cultivation. Secondly, we regard the establishment of human independence and development of creativity as essential requirements in art education. Our education embracing cultivation, theory and practical skills looks at once to the formation of artistic originality penetrated by abundant sentiment, free imagination, and a critical mind.

In order to achieve the educational goals outlined above, our school implements a small-group instruction system. The curriculum is organized in units of small numbers of students, with emphasis placed on seminars in particular, to ensure thorough coaching through human contact. The main focus here is on the development of independent thinking and externalization skills by way of PBL (Project Based Learning) education.

  • [* Planned to open at Kaminoge Campus in April 2014.]